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Welcome to The Learning Hack, a podcast about the people and technologies that are shaping the future of learning.

Jun 29, 2020

John Helmer talks to David Wilson, Founder and CEO of Fosway, Europe’s #1 HR Industry Analyst. Fosway has recently released first findings of research into how COVID-19 is changing learning, and David sees this as a breakthrough moment for learning tech. But do the changes that the research reveal signal broader shifts in the content and platform market, and in particular, has it changed David's generally quite sceptical view of the learning experience platform (LXP) as a meaningful category?
03:09 Skillsoft files for Chapter 11
10:17 Summary of Fosway Covid 19 research
16:33 Surprises in the research - content
20:43 Surprises on platform
30:50 Marketing hype over LXP
36:31 Is LXP a change of paradigm?
50:18 Advice for L&D & vendors coming out of lockdown
Fosway's website:
David on Twitter: @dwil23
John Helmer
Twitter: @johnhelmer