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Welcome to The Learning Hack, a podcast about the people and technologies that are shaping the future of learning.

Jul 27, 2020

John Helmer talks to Paul Matthews, Founder and CEO of People Alchemy, about learning transfer, the business of ensuring that what is learned results in real and measurable change in behaviours and performance. Coming from an engineering background, Paul was motivated to focus on this area by the high failure rate he observed in organisational training initiatives.
01:58 How is Covid affecting Paul and his business?
03:12 Why is learning transfer important?
07:48 What is learning transfer?
08:36 What is the best way to make it happen?
11:42 Learning transfer: elephant in the room?
14:23 Who owns learning transfer?
16:12 How generic are the guidelines for good transfer?
21:20 L&D's lack of control
22:42 Measuring learning transfer
25:14 Can L&D get the data it needs?
28:23 Is Kirkpatrick still relevant?
31:46 Is workflow learning helpful for transfer?
36:50 Is he optimistic for the future of learning transfer?
40:56 Top tips for learning transfer
Mentioned in the discussion:
Julie Dirksen on behaviour change (the elephant and the rider)
Dr Ina Weinbauer-Heidel - 12 Levers of Learning Transfer
Evaluation models mentioned:
Here's a handy summary of learning evaluation models
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Twitter @PeopleAlchemy
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