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Oct 5, 2020

John Helmer talks to Matthew Confer, VP, Strategy & Business Development at Abilitie, an expert in leadership and decision-making. How do leaders make tough decisions in tight situations? How do they deal with the law of unintended consequences, which can bedevil so many in positions of authority?
Matthew, who has run many simulation training events with leaders in large companies around the world, gives a three-step framework for tough decisions in tight spots, and discusses how leaders are coping with the tough decisions confronting them in the global pandemic.
03:26 A three-step decision-making framework
07:00 Tips for fast decision-making
10:48 Premortems and snakes
12:58 Decision-making and the law of unintended consequences
15:36 Decision-making in the pandemic
21:26 Matthew's personal journey to leadership learning
24:07 Advice for leaders coming out of lockdown
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