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Welcome to The Learning Hack, a podcast about the people and technologies that are shaping the future of learning.

Nov 30, 2020

<p>John talks to Laura Lee-Gibbs, Digital Learning Consultant & Director of Learn Fox. In her 14 years in the industry she has worked both vendor-side and client-side, across a broad range of sectors including legal, healthcare, retail, automotive, hospitality, financial, charities, professional associations, public sector and government agencies. Her practice focuses on digital transformation, and one of the things she does a lot for clients is to guide them through the difficult decisions involved in choosing a learning system. She has a three-step process for doing this which she talks through in this interview. The discussion also covers the importance of vendor relationships and the human factors to look out for when choosing a vendor with whom to work.</p>
  • 02:20 How did Laura get into learning?
  • 05:16 What is the Way of the Fox?
  • 08:12 A 3-step process for getting the right system
  • 09:06 Step 1 - Defining requirements
  • 10:09 Step 2 - Define your top criteria
  • 15:01 How far ahead should you look?
  • 17:09 Step 3 Research available systems
  • 21:34 LMS or LXP? Or both? (Or neither!)
  • 25:08 Is it tougher for smaller organizations?
  • 30:23 Client/vendor relationships
<p>Mentioned in the episode:</p>
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Twitter: @johnhelmer
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