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Welcome to The Learning Hack, a podcast about the people and technologies that are shaping the future of learning.

May 24, 2021

John talks to Mirjam Neelen, Head of Global Learning Design & Learning Sciences at Novartis, and a well-known blogger and speaker. She recently co-authored a book, Evidence-Informed Learning Design, with Paul Kirschner that has been extremely influential in learning and development. The book has plentiful tips, tools and examples to help L&D and training professionals avoid the myths and hype and design effective learning based on solid research.
The conversation also covers two controversial and much-vaunted areas for future development in learning: neuroscience and AI. Are they really as useful for learning as some believe?
02:55 - How does she balance practitioner role with ‘guruhood’?
05:08 - Why has the ‘evidence-informed’ message resonated so strongly?
7:46 - The learning sciences and how to approach them
10:40 - How useful is neuroscience for learning really?
15:58 - How useful is AI for learning?
22:36 - Adaptive systems and LXPs
25:10 - What role has tech played in shaping ideas about learning?
30:48 - When Theory met Reality
35:24 - How should people focus their efforts to become more evidence-informed?
Mentioned in the discussion
[book] How Learning Happens: Seminal Works in Educational Psychology and What They Mean in Practice By Paul A. Kirschner, Carl Hendrick, Routledge 2020
[Podcast episode] Learning Sciences Weekly: Enhancing learning experiences using AI with Donald Clark
Dick Clark research on AI cognitive task analysis discussed in Trish Uhl Learning tech 2019 talk
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