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Welcome to The Learning Hack, a podcast about the people and technologies that are shaping the future of learning.

Jul 18, 2022

In a world where content about almost anything you may need to learn is readily available online, what should be the role of organisational L&D? Probably not its present one, which is all too often almost exclusively concerned with the centralized provision and curation of content for the organisation's learners – says Serena Gonsalves Fersch FLPI.
Serena is Head of Talent for the SoftwareONE Academy, but also a doctoral candidate, researching the future of learning and the L&D function in technology accelerating organisations. In this final episode of the current season, she talks to John about some compelling insights her research is turning up about the future of the L&D function.
  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 3:09 - Software One
  • 5:20 - Serena's Doctorate Thesis
  • 8:36 - Mistakes made when selecting vendors
  • 15:04 - Advice for Vendor Selection
  • 20:42 - L&D in tech start-ups and hypergrowth
  • 30:40 - Business Applicability
  • 38:38 - Advice for fast growing companies
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Download the white paper from Learning Pool written by John Helmer – The Spacing Effect: Harnessing the Power of Spaced Practice for Learning That Sticks