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Welcome to The Learning Hack, a podcast about the people and technologies that are shaping the future of learning.

Jul 3, 2023

Shell is an organisation in transition. It’s moving from a federated model of training to something more centralized. At the same time it’s bringing together L&D with organizational development, and knowledge management is moving closer to learning as well. And all this is happening against a background of a huge shift in skills needed within the organization as it moves into more sustainable forms of energy alongside its traditional businesses. In this episode, John talks to Jaap Hoogendoorn, VP Learning Solutions at Shell. Jaap leads a large, globally dispersed team of learning professionals in delivering these changes. He talks about the challenges, the progress made, and the effects of the Green Transition on Shell's learning function.

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 3:51 - Shell and the Green Transition
  • 6:56 - Jaap's background and career journey
  • 10:13 - From federated to centralised learning
  • 20:16 - Has tech helped the change?
  • 24:16 - Uniting L&D and OD
  • 37:56 - Innovative approaches to reskilling
  • 45:32 - Results of the change so far?
  • 50:38 - Where does he draw inspiration from?


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