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Welcome to The Learning Hack, a podcast about the people and technologies that are shaping the future of learning.

Oct 2, 2023

'It all started when NASA read our code ...'
Jussi Hurskainen is CEO and co-founder of Valamis, a learning systems company with offices in in the US, India, and across Europe, but headquartered in Finland. In a crowded market, Valamis distinguishes itself by the sophisticated way its platform handles data. Jussi tells John about how the product got its start when Nasa engineers read and were impressed by its code – and what it has been like over the last few years running a company whose worforce straddled the Russian border.
  • 00:00 - Start
  • 00:35 - Intro
  • 03:48 - What is Valamis?
  • 05:01 - Market condition in learning technologies
  • 07:19 - How does Valamis differentiate in the crowded mid-market?
  • 11:50 - How does his LXP deal with personalization?
  • 14:33 - What part does AI play in the solution?
  • 17:17 - How have acquisitions featured in the development of the company?
  • 21:11 - Origins of the company
  • 23:29 - Jussi’s learning journey
  • 25:38 - Effects of the Ukraine invasion on Valamis
  • 28:42 - Jussi’s influences
  • 31:04 - End
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