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Welcome to The Learning Hack, a podcast about the people and technologies that are shaping the future of learning.

Oct 21, 2019

John Helmer talks to David Perring of learning and talent analysts Fosway Group. David is Director of Research at Fosway, an ebullient and popular figure who held senior learning and development posts at NTL and Virgin Media before becoming an analyst.
David on Twitter: @davidperring
01:24 What’s an analyst for?
05:36 Are our platforms burning?
09:14 Learning experience platforms
11:02 Do we have a content addiction problem?
14:52 Should vendors be responsible for the processes of learning beyond providing the tech?
16:44 Importance of asking for feedback
18:04 Complex learning
21:26 Is the vendor content market under threat?
29:24 Data and learning
37:04 Can analysts change things?
45:16 Is he more optimistic or pessimistic for the future?
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