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Nov 4, 2019

John Helmer talks to Caroline Ford, ex Group Head of Learning at Thomas Cook, the 178 year-old holiday company that went spectacularly broke in September 2019. The company’s financial ills had been putting extreme pressure on L&D funds for many years before that, and Caroline describes with passion her struggles to turn around learning within Thomas Cook on next-to-no budget.
01:48 Collapse of Thomas Cook
02:38 Roots of the collapse
03:50 Effects of the 2012 restructuring on L&D
08:20 The turnaround
18:04 Rebuilding L&D on no budget
26:52 Using Facebook as a no-cost learning platform
35:44 Industry recognition for winning results
37: 44 Top tips for doing L&D on a tight budget
Caroline’s 3 tips for L&D without a budget:
  1. Understand your business
  2. Identify and engage your internal and external stakeholders
  3. Really understand your assets
Caroline on Twitter: @Ford_the_Broker
And on LinkedIn:
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