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Welcome to The Learning Hack, a podcast about the people and technologies that are shaping the future of learning.

Mar 9, 2020

John Helmer talks to Leonard Houx, Director at the eLearning Network and Senior Instructional Designer at Cass Business School. In an age when people who do his job are more often called learning designers or learning experience designers, how relevant is the history of instructional design to challenges we face today? As someone who knows both higher education and organisational learning, Leonard is uniquely placed to give insights on both. He also talks about his early love of skateboarding and how it causes him to reflect on how successive generations of designers tend to reinvent the wheel.

01:24    Skateboarding and Instructional Design
03:52   Who should we be reading?
04:51    ID in Higher Education
08:55   Pitfalls of learning experience design
12:43    Zombie Ideas
20:19    Can people learn from experience?
28:09   Learning experience design and UX
34:30   Ignorance of ID in Higher Ed

Writers and thinkers on instructional design referenced by Leonard in this podcast:
David Merrill
Robert M. Gagné
Siegfried Engelmann
Charles Reigeluth
John Sweller
Paul Kirschner
Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer

Books cited:
Diana Laurillard
Laurillard, D. (2002). Rethinking University Teaching. A conversational framework for the effective use of learning technologies. London: Routledge ISBN 0415256798 .

Didau, D. (2015) What if everything you knew about education was wrong? Carmarthen: Crown House.

Also mentioned:
Donald Norman, who coined the term 'user experience' (UX)
Jacob Nielsen, co-founder with the above of influential UX consultancy Neilsen Norman

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