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Jan 29, 2024

Can business professionals perform better with improv skills?

We admire great improvisers in music (Charlie Parker, Jimi Hendrix, etc.) while tending to be suspicious of leaders in business and government who seem to be 'making it up as they go along'. But are we right to think that way? Berlin-based Belina Raffy runs a consultancy and training company that helps people in organisations develop improvisation ability. She’s lived in many different countries including the UK, and worked in Finance before finding her vocation as a learning person. Institutions she has studied at include Ithaca College New York, the Chinese University in Hong Kong and Cranfield School of Management. Does this peripatetic early life, we wanted to find out, perhaps hold the key to her skills as an improviser?

00:00 - Start
00:33 - Intro
03:10 - What use is improv to serious business people?
11:04 - How relevant are her exercises to the working situation?
21:27 - Leadership, improv and integrity
27:38 - Theoretical underpinnings of improv?
39:59 - Belina’s journey in learning
50:47 - End

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Book mentioned in the discussion:
The Dawn of Everything. (2023, August 24). In Wikipedia.

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